Shipping & Returns


Shipping: We ship your order by UPS Ground or USPS Parcel Post. Otherwise, the carrier / Service is assigned by our customer
Claims: All claims & shortage must be made within 3 business days, upon receipt.
Returns: All return items must have return authorization number (RN) on outside of each carton. Saleable merchandise returned within 60 days--10% restocking charge Saleable merchandise returned within 90 days--30% restocking charge Unsaleable, discontinued or merchandise returned after 90 days-- no credit Will be allowed.
Sizing of walking sticks: 
Remove the rubber tip from the walking sticks. If it is tight…squirt of WD-40 works wonders; twist the tip off rather than pulling.
The walking stick user should be wearing their usual walking shoes and standing as naturally upright as possible. Their arms should hang at their side with a normal bend at the elbow.
The second person places the walking stick with the handle on the ground on the side the person will be using the walking sticks.
The shaft is marked where it touches the bottom crease of the use’s wrist closest to their hand. The walking sticks should then be cut using a sharp saw and mitre box for an even cut.
Reattach tuber tip.

Vista is not responsible for injuries or damaged property resulting from the use of it’s products.