About Us


vista officeFounded in 1990, Vista International Corporation is an importer and distributor of high-quality umbrellas,walking sticks, novelty canes, and shoe horns. Based in Roselle, NJ, Vista is home to a vast collection of umbrellas,walking sticks, novelty sticks,and shoe horns to fit every occasion. Originating with only umbrellas in Vista's collection, we carry a variety of unique everyday umbrellas for adults and children alike, as well as various golf umbrellas to suit your tastes. Specialty items include umbrellas used for weddings as well as dramatic productions. Our more unique products, such as the “Bubble Umbrella?and the “Double Umbrella?have been featured in magazines such as Real Simple (April 2005). We also offer silk screening services on some styles to meet your needs. In 1998, Vista grew to include a collection of walking sticks and novelty sticks for every function. From daily use,fashion to collectible, the product line holds a spectrum of many reliable walking stick and novelty sticks. Vista also added a variety of shoe horns in unique styles and designs.

Making every endeavor to find the best value for our customers (in style and content), Vista International Corporation strives to gain the trust of its clients, doing our best to create the most reliable and fashionable product as well as providing excellent services for all your demands.

Jay Chen
January 26, 2006